Add Expenses as SOV Line Items (article)

In the settings for Cost Plus there is an option to allow adding expenses to the Head Contract SOV as Line Items:

This will automatically create items on the head contract SOV from the expenses. The line items will be created using the Line Item Description setting, in this case with Vendor Name & Invoice Number:

This means, when assigning expenses to a Head Contract and generating the latest claim, it will create new SOV items based on the cost code / cost type & vendor. For example, assigning these expenses to an empty head contract:

After generating the latest claim:

It creates these as line items on the claim in Procore, using the cost code / cost type and vendor in the description field, according to the settings on Line Item Description.

You can also see this on the client summary invoice generated by the cost plus software:

The claim is broken out by cost code and vendor name per each invoice, as you can see on the client summary invoice.