Cost Plus - Payroll

Within the Payroll tab you will be able to set the billing rate as well as the charge out rate for each of your employees. This will allow Prokit Plus to automatically convert employee’s earning rate from your payroll direct costs to your billing rate on your client’s invoice.



If your Employees and Earning Types are not present yet in Prokit Plus you can click on “Import Employees” as well as “Import Earning Types”. This will import any employees and earning types present in Procore under that project. You can also use this option if an employee or earning type is missing.



Once you have all the relevant employees imported, you can add their rates by clicking on the edit icon on the left of each employee.



A new popup will appear to let you enter any relevant rate. Once you have added all the relevant rates you can click “Save” at the bottom of the popup.



Alternatively, if you want to set a global charge out rate for this project you can use the “Set Charge Out Rate” input field and then click on “Save”.