How do commitment progress claim payments sync across from Xero to Procore?

When a Progress Claim is created and synced across from Procore to Xero, the invoice that is sent to Xero is linked to the initial Procore Progress Claim. For example, for this progress claim in Procore:

When synced across to Xero, it will appear as a bill with the same line items and order as the original progress claim in Procore:

On the bill that syncs to Xero, only the line items with a non-zero values for Work Completed From The Previous Period will appear as line items. For example, on this new Progress claim in Procore there is no new cost for one of the line items (no increase in work completed):


Thus, the bill that syncs to Xero does not include these items (Xero will not accept a zero value line item):

After paying this new bill in Xero, the payment will sync across to Procore will be visible in the payments issued tab in Procore: