How do I show the SmoothAssist extension in Chrome?

To make the SmoothAssist extension appear in your Chrome Browser click the extensions button on your browser bar:

This will then bring down the dropdown where you can select the pin button to pin it to your browser bar:

After clicking this it will be pinned in your browser bar:

After clicking this button you will see a prompt to log in to your Smoothlink account

After clicking login wait for this prompt to expire:

You will then see this section which means you are now logged in successfully to the Sync Verificator

You will then see the Sync Verificator adding the functionality to your Procore and Xero Accounts. For example in Procore:

And in Xero:

You will then be able to see the sync status of your invoices and bills and then you can click this icon in Procore or Xero to queue up this invoice up to be synced through Smoothlink: