How to add expenses to an existing Cost Plus generated head contract progress claim

To add an expense to a progress claim that has already been generated by Cost Plus, inside of the expenses tab in your project, select the expenses you wish to add with the checkbox, and then select bulk actions -> Add to existing Head Contract Progress Claim:

To add these expenses to the head contract progress claim, the cost codes on the expense must exist on the SOV prior to the claim’s initial generation. It is advisable if there has been some time since the initial generation of the claim to make a new head contract progress claim with these new cost codes on the SOV.

Procore will not allow you to add cost codes or SOV items to an existing head contract progress claim without deleting it and recreating it, however if new SOV items are added to the head contract it will be used on future head contract progress claims.


Once the expenses are added to the existing head contract progress claim, you will need to re-generate the claim using the option called "Re-generate Claim" within the Head Contract Progress Claims section. Note: Procore will only allow the latest progress claim in Procore to be re-generated.