Mapping Procore Cost Codes via CSV

Use a CSV file to import Procore Cost Codes to Smoothlink and map to Xero Account Code Mapping multiple Procore codes to one Xero code

Exporting Procore Account/Cost Codes

You will first need to download Procore Costs Codes CSV file

Refer to How to export Procore cost codes as a CSV

  1.  Open exported CSV file with Procore Cost Codes (Example below)
    1. Column A = Exported Procore Code Code numbers
    2. Column B = Populate with Xero Account Codes
  2. Save CSV file

Tip - Excel formatting can convert Procore Cost Codes as Dates

Using Google Sheets avoids this conversion

Mapping Account/Cost Codes

  1. Login to your Smoothlink Integration
  2. Navigate to Mapping     Screenshot 2024-01-08 083613



Step 3:

To populate the mapping within the integration Account Codes mapping section.

Navigate to the Account Codes mapping and click "Export/Import" button under the Mapped Accounts.

Import&export mapping

It will open a pop up window where you need to select option "Import".

Import Mapping

Once you click "Import Mapping" - choose the saved CSV file from your desktop.

choose the file