How to map Cost Codes via CSV

Multiple to one mapping

Follow the steps bellow to map multiple Procore Cost Codes to one Myob Account Code:

Step 1:

Download Procore Costs Codes as a CSV. 

Refer to the article for guidance on this step: How to export Procore cost codes as a CSV.

Step 2:

Open the exported CSV with the list  of Procore Cost Codes.

Column A is filled with your Procore Cost Codes number. Use Column B to populate Myob Account Codes you would like to map to.

Refer to the example below:

Myob mapping

Once you have completed the spreadsheet - save it on your desktop.

Step 3:

To populate the mapping within the integration Account Codes mapping section.

Navigate to the Account Codes mapping and click "Export/Import" button under the Mapped Accounts.Import

It will open a pop up window where you need to select option "Import".Import mapping

Once you click "Import Mapping" - choose the saved CSV file from your desktop.

Choose file

After importing the selected CSV file the mapping will be shortly populated under "Mapped Accounts" section.