How to map customers and vendors

Due to the fact that QuickBooks Online separates between customers and vendors, to map existing contacts from Procore in the integration using the mapping tool, you need to match it to either a customer or vendor in QuickBooks Online. There are two ways to do this. Note that by default the integration interprets Procore companies as vendors. To map customers the first way, you can add the ‘customer’ tag to the tags and keywords section in the Procore contact like so:

This will make the integration interpret the company as a customer, then you can resync the Procore contacts section:

And then map it using the chain button to the customer in QBO.

Alternatively, the second way, while mapping customers from Procore you can change the default contact type to customer and map the existing customers to QuickBooks Online:

And then you can switch it back to vendor to map your Vendors.