Project Specific Cost Codes Mapping

To map your project specific Cost Codes within the integration follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the Mapping tab within your integration account.

Step 1
2. Within Project Mapping section click the "Setting" toggle next to the required Project.

Step 2

3. Once you click the setting it will navigate you to the Project Setting page > Scroll down to the Account Codes mapping section.
Step 3

4. Under Procore Accounts click "Sync" - this will bring in your Project Specific Cost Codes.  
Step 4&5
5. Under Xero Accounts click "Sync" - this will bring Account Codes from your Xero Chart of Accounts (Note: if you can see the list of Xero accounts prior to Syncing > still proceed with this step to make sure the most recent Accounts are synced in the mapping section)

6. Next step is to map the Project Specific Cost Codes. To do that - use the "Chain Link" button to map it to the required Xero Account Code.

Note: Alternatively use CSV to complete the mapping section. Refer to the article How to map Cost Codes via CSV

Step 6