QBO Error Messages


The following Invoice has a zero value: Please check your project mapping

This error can occur when there is a mapping of the wrong contact type. For example, if they are raising a commitment invoice for a customer (who should be for income) we can receive this error. Check the mapping of the contact on the invoice to make sure that they are not sending income to a vendor or expenses to a customer in quickbooks.


Invoice number not syncing to QuickBooks even with the prefix settings configured

This can be because there is already an invoice in QuickBooks with that invoice number. For example:

It is emitting the info log showing the prefix setting management, however when it hits QuickBooks it cannot assign an invoice number. In this case it was because of there being an invoice in QuickBooks already with the same invoice number. Make sure that there is not one in their QuickBooks already with that number.

Zero Value Error When Syncing Projects with Sub Jobs

Check that the sub jobs are synced into the integration and correctly mapped. This has occurred even if 'sync sub job as project' is enabled, double check this and see if it resolves the error:

Line item type is invalid

Check the cost type selection and if any cost types have been removed from Procore. To do with an invalid cost type selection typically when syncing from QBO > Procore