Requirements for Xero to Procore Payroll

Requirement: Payroll Cost Code Default

The payroll cost code default must be set. The default Cost Code will be applicable to all Payroll Costs synced from Xero to Procore.



Alternatively, the Cost Code can be set up per Employee.

Requirement: Use Project Tracking Category on Payroll

You must use the project tracking category on the payroll in Xero. Only payroll with a project on it will sync to Procore.

Optional: Payroll Company

There is an option in the Payroll & Timesheet section to set your payroll company. Selected company is applied as Vendor to all Payroll Direct Costs.

Optional: Payroll Cost Type

If you wish for payroll to go over to Procore as a particular cost type (e.g. Labor) then there is a dropdown menu in the Payroll & Timesheet tab to select the payroll cost type: