Sync purchase orders to Xero

Smoothlink allows you to sync across the purchase order itself to Xero (not just the progress claim). Contact Smoothlink support at in order to have this enabled for your account.

Once this is enabled, when you create a new Purchase Order in Procore and it is approved it will appear in Xero as a purchase order. For example, creating this Purchase Order in Procore:

It will then appear as a Purchase Order in Xero with the same line items and amounts:

Then, to make a partial or full payment on the purchase you can click on options -> copy to:

Then you select a bill to push this purchase order to a bill

Then enter the amounts on the Purchase Order to pay. Make sure to leave the line items in the same order:

Once this is paid, it will sync back to the purchase order in Procore under ‘Payments Issued’