The steps to follow when syncing purchase orders to Xero

PO Syncing

  1. You create the PO in Procore -> syncs to the “Purchase Orders” section of Xero.
  2. When you get the bill for that PO you either:
  3. Once the bill is approved -> will create a progress claim (invoice) within the Procore PO
  4. Once the bill is paid in Xero -> will create a payment issued within the Procore PO

To Highlight

To have the integration automatically sync back the invoice from Xero to the relevant PO, the invoice needs to have the same number of line items as the Procore PO. If some lines are not claimed yet on the invoice, it can be left as 0 but still need to be present in Xero. This is due to a limitation on the Procore side where the number of line items cannot be different than the original PO Schedule of Values.