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What happens if I remove or change expenses in Procore after the claim has been generated using those expenses

Deleting Invoiced Expenses

If invoiced expenses are deleted in Procore after generating the head contract progress claim, Cost Plus will show these as ‘deleted’ in the interface:

For example for these expenses have been invoiced to a Head Contract Progress Claim in Procore:

After deleting the expense in Procore it will show as ‘deleted’:

Changing Values on Expenses After They’re Invoiced

If an expense is adjusted in Procore after it has been invoiced to a head contract progress claim, the interface will show the original invoiced amount in addition to the adjusted amount in Procore

For example, adjusting this $1000 expense to a $5000 expense in Procore:

After changing:

It will show the current amount on the left and the originally invoiced amount on the right.