New Employee Mapping

When there are new employees in your company, please make sure you map them between Procore and Xero within the integration account.
The process for new employees is:
1. Set up the employee in Procore & Xero.
2. Navigate to the Mapping section of Smoothlink > Employee mapping.
3. Click into Procore Employees > click Sync to pull in the new employeeProcore employees
4. Click into Xero Employees > click Sync to pull in the new employee
Xero Employees
5. Use the chain link icon next to the required employee, and select the corresponding one from the drop-down menu (at this point the employee will map and move into Mapped Employees)
6. From there, use the middle button to enter individual Employee Rates for the creation of the direct payroll cost in each Project.employee set

For more information regarding how to set up the rates please navigate to:

Create payroll direct cost based on employee hours