Mapping - New Employees

Map new employees added in Procore and Xero

Mapping New Employees

When adding new employees to your company, you must make sure you map them between Procore and Xero within Smoothlink
1. Set up the employee in Procore & Xero
2. Login to your Smoothlink Integration
3. Navigate to Mapping     
Screenshot 2024-01-08 083613
4. Scroll down to the Employee's mapping table
5. Select Procore Employees tab & Click Refresh
Screenshot 2024-05-17 164045
6. Click Xero Employees tab & Click Refresh
Screenshot 2024-05-17 164237
7. From the Procore Employees or Xero Employees tab
8. Click the Chain Link button
Screenshot 2024-05-17 1640451
9. Select the matching employee name from the pop-up
10. Click Map
Screenshot 2024-05-17 164645
The new employee will now be displayed in the Mapped Employee tab
Screenshot 2024-05-17 164825


Applying Rates to an Employee

Rates applied in Smoothlink for an Employee are used in the

creation of Procore Payroll Direct Costs.

1. Click the Configure Employee button
Screenshot 2024-05-17 1648251
2. Enter the following as required:
  • Hourly Rates - Monday to Sunday hourly rate
  • Max Hours - The maximum number of hours for the selected Earling Type
  • Overflow - When the Max Hours select the Overflow Earning Type the remaining hours are allocated to

Additional Support

For more information on how to set up the Employee Rates see: