SmoothAssist - Procore & QBO Overview

Use SmoothAssist to check the syncing status of your project invoices

Procore & QBO Overview

The Smoothlink – SmoothAssist has been designed to enhance QBO capabilities and let you see in real-time the syncing status of any invoice or bill in both Procore & QBO. This also allows you to reconcile bank transactions such as Vendor Credits and Journal Entries.

To install and login to SmoothAssist see: SmoothAssist - Getting Started

ERP Synced Features

When logged into SmoothAssist an ERP Synced column will be visible in Procore and QBO.

SmoothAssist will allow you to confirm if Invoices/Claims/Bills have synced successfully. You can also re-sync invoices if required.

Screenshot 2024-05-21 104418

ERP Synced Features

Screenshot 2024-05-21 102937

  • Green Tick - The Invoice/Bill has been synced and present in both systems
  • Red Cross - The Invoice/Bill is currently not synced with the other system
  • Refresh Icon - Click the Refresh icon to push the Invoice/Bill to the other system (only available when not synced)
  • Lock/Unlock - Lock a Direct Cost/Invoice in Procore preventing edits going forward. You can unlock a Direct Cost/Invoice if an edit is required.
  • View Arrow - Open the Invoice/Bill in the respective system

Procore Financial Management Tools

SmoothAssist can be used when viewing the following in Procore:

  • Invoicing/Progress Claiming
    • Owner (Head Contacts/Prime Contact/Main Contract)
    • Subcontractor (Commitments/Requisitions)
  • Direct Costs

Procore Invoicing/Progress Claiming

1. Go to the Project Tools menu

2. Select Invoicing/Progress Claiming under Financial Management tools

Screenshot 2024-05-21 111033

3. Select Owner or Subcontractor menu

Screenshot 2024-05-21 111355

TIP: Use the Add Group filter to sort by Invoice/Claim Status.

This will allow you to easily view "Approved" invoices.

Screenshot 2024-05-21 111551

Procore Direct Costs

1. Go to the Project Tools menu

2. Select Direct Costs under Financial Management tools

QBO Expense & Accounting Tools

SmoothAssist can be used when viewing the following in QBO:

  • Expenses 
  • Bills
  • Vendor Credit
  • Journal entries