SmoothAssist - Get Started

The Smoothlink – SmoothAssist  has been designed to enhance Smoothlink Accounting connectors (Xero, QBO, MYOB) capabilities and let you see in real-time the syncing status of any invoice or bill in both Procore & your Accounting system. This also allows you to reconcile any bank transactions such as spend money, manual journal, etc.



  • Google Chrome Web Browser
  • Smoothlink – Accounting Connector (Xero, QBO and MYOB)
  • Smoothlink – SmoothAssist


To get started you will need to install the Smoothlink – SmoothAssist using the following link: Smoothlink – SmoothAssist

Once downloaded & installed within your Google Chrome Web Browser, you can click on the extension manager icon in the top right corner to pin the Smoothlink – SmoothAssist to easily access it.

You can then click on the Smoothlink icon in the top right corner and proceed with the login process. To log into your account, simply enter your Smoothlink – Accounting connector details under Email & Password and click on LOGIN.

Note: When logging in, select your server that you use then logging into your Smoothlink account:

Click -> Advanced, then select one of the three servers, this will be whichever one you use when logging into Smoothlink

Once logged in you can continue to use Procore & your Accounting connector as per normal and the Smoothlink – SmoothAssist will automatically check the synchronisation status of your invoices and bills in both systems.

See also SmoothAssist Overview and SmoothAssist – Accounting system Reports Reconciliation for further information