SmoothAssist - Procore & Xero Overview

SmoothAssist - Procore & Xero Overview

The Smoothlink – SmoothAssist  has been designed to enhance Xero Plus capabilities and let you see in real-time the syncing status of any invoice or bill in both Procore & Xero. This also allows you to reconcile any bank transactions such as spend money, manual journal, etc.


ERP Synced Column – Options

  • Green tick – this means the invoice/bill is synced and present in both systems
  • Red  cross – this means the invoice/bill is currently not synced with the other system
  • Refresh Icon (only available when not synced) – you can click on this icon to push the invoice/bill to the other system
  • Lock - this will allow you to lock the direct cost/invoice in Procore to prevent any edits going forward


Procore – Supported Types

  • Financial Management – Invoicing – Owner
  • Financial Management – Invoicing – Subcontractor
  • Financial Management – Direct Costs



Xero – Supported Types

  • Business – Invoices
  • Business – Bills to pay
  • Accounting – Reports – Account Transactions