How to use manual timesheet management tool

For companies with more than 15 employees, we have an option for manual timesheet/payroll syncing. Please reach out to in order for us to enable this for you.

Once it is enabled, under Payroll & Timesheet you will see an option for Manual Timesheet Management:

Then, inside the Tools tab you will see the new Timesheet Management tool:

This tool will allow you to sync across your timesheets for your most recent payroll period in Xero. Firstly, set your Start Date and End Date in the Filters tab. This should line up with your payroll period in Xero:

Then, you can select the employees that you wish to sync across. If you wish to sync all of the employees inside the timesheet management tool leave the checkboxes blank and it will automatically sync for all of them. If you only wish to sync across some of these employees, you can select the employees that you wish to sync:

Then, to sync across timesheets or payroll, click Bulk Actions -> Sync Timesheet Hours for timesheets or Bulk Actions -> Sync Payroll Cost for payroll:

If you’re syncing across for all employees the process is the same without the checkboxes being selected:

This will then queue up the timesheets or payroll to sync across for the period you have set.