Settings - Tools & Timesheet Management

Using Smoothlink Tools and Timesheet Management

Smoothlink Tools

The Smoothlink Tools allow you to control:

NOTE: The SmoothAssist Chrome Extension can be installed locally and used to manage ERP Invoice Syncing and High Priority Resources Syncing

See SmoothAssist - Getting Started

Access Smoothlink Tools

  1. Login to your Smoothlink Integration
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Select the Tools tab

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ERP lock a Procore Invoice

Unsync a Procore ERP Invoice

Remove a Procore ERP Invoice

High Priority Resource Syncing

High Priority Resource Syncing allows prioritization syncing of particular invoices from Procore or Xero by pasting the Invoice URL into the High Priority Resource Syncing tool.

See How to use High Priority Resource Syncing

Manually Map Resources

Manual Timesheet Management Tool

The Timesheet Management Tool gives you manual control when syncing Procore or Xero  Timesheets/Timecards for:

  • Procore to Xero Timesheets
  • Procore Payroll Direct Costs
  • Xero to Procore Payroll Direct Costs 

Screenshot 2024-05-23 131743

NOTE: Employee Mapping, Employee Rates and Earning Types MUST be completed in Smoothlink before using Timesheet tools. See the following: 

Processing Timesheets

1. Select individual Employee checkboxes

TIP: If you wish to sync ALL employees leave the checkboxes blank.

Screenshot 2024-05-23 132310

2. Apply Filters

  • Set the Start Date and End Date. The dates should line up with your payroll period in Xero, e.g. Monday to Sunday
  • Select Projects

TIP: If you wish to sync ALL projects leave the checkboxes blank.

Screenshot 2024-05-23 132611

3. Select Bulk Actions to commence syncing

  • Sync Procore Timesheet Hours - Sync Procore Timesheets to Xero Timesheets
  • Sync Procore Payroll Costs - Sync Procore Timesheets to Procore Payroll Direct Costs
  • Sync Xero Payroll Costs - Sync Xero Timesheets to Procore Payroll Direct Costs

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